Season’s Greetings to all our friends and supporters! The holiday season is upon us. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of individuals in our area who won’t get to experience the joy of this special time of the year. They are the unfortunate victims of domestic violence.

Camden House is the state certified, domestic violence shelter for Camden & Charlton Counties. We are writing you to ask for your help. You have an opportunity to make a significant life changing investment in the lives of parents and children in our communities who are suffering from the horrific crime of domestic violence.

During our most recent fiscal year, Camden House provided 4,385 bed nights to domestic violence victims and their children. So far this calendar year we have received 449 crisis calls and have housed forty-one adults and sixty-one children. Most important, we have helped numerous victim families transition into their own independent housing, hopefully the start of a new, violence free life.

In the past year, Camden House has expanded the scope of our services. Today, each parent and child receives a mental and physical intake assessment upon arrival, with appropriate treatments recommended where necessary. We have upgraded our Parenting Skills Classes, our Adult and Child Advocacy Programs, our Adult and Child Group Sessions Program, and our Mental and Physical Health Referral Program in order to better assist our clients. We are also making progress in establishing programs to combat elder abuse.

As you can understand, all these service enhancements are not readily available or inexpensive. Our annual State and Federal financial support will provide just over half of our operating needs. The rest of the funds required to operate Camden House come from local grants, fundraising efforts and donations. Obviously, we are dependent upon you, our supporters, to help provide the funds necessary to actually implement these critical services going forward.

To help get our story and needs out to more people, we have implemented a new and improved Camden House web site, we are now on Facebook and we will be putting out a quarterly newsletter so you can better understand what we are doing. The web site address is We hope you visit us there soon and sign up for our email subscription list. There is information on all our upcoming fundraising events, information on domestic violence, on the services we provide and some human interest content. You will also be able to donate to Camden House, using your credit card.

Before closing, I would like to share a passage from a letter we received from a client who was exiting Camden House in July of this year.

“Camden House provides a safe and comfortable place for women who have been abused, with no place to turn. I’m grateful to God for giving me this safe, peaceful and loving environment and for the caring donations of others more fortunate.”

Our greatest opportunities and challenges lie ahead, which is to provide the best services possible, on a timely basis for all victims. Please consider helping Camden House by writing a check and sending it to Camden House or donating on our website or Facebook page by clicking on the Donate Button or Support Us Tab. Your contribution, large or small, will certainly help us make a significant difference in many victims’ lives.

Very Sincerely,

Steve Brockman

President, Camden House Board of Directors