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Q. I'm living in a violent atmosphere. Can you help me?

A. Yes! We can provide a TPO (Temporary Protection Order) if appropriate; we can provide you with the services you may require to be safe and to start putting your life back together.

Q. How can I get protection from my violent partner?

A. If you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, we can help you file a Temporary Protection Order, or file a stalking order.

Q. How do I know if I am a domestic violence victim?

Are you:

  • Afraid of your partner?
  • Unable to go out with friends or family because of your partner's jealousy?
  • Denied money, or not allowed to get a job to earn money?
  • Hit, kicked, bit, shoved or had items thrown at you?
  • Ever been kept from leaving a room by restraint?

Q. I have no money, or access to money. Can you help me?

A. Yes, we can help you. Depending upon your specific situation, we have a variety of ways we can assist you financially, both immediately and long term.

Q. Can you help me focus upon a healthy rest of my life?

A. Of Course. We are first concerned about your safety. We then provide services needed to start looking ahead. We help you make a personal plan for success. Finally, we will follow up with you on an ongoing basis to help assure your continued safety and success.

Q. What happens while I am staying in a shelter?

A. You will be fed, clothed, protected, advised on how to get a job, your children will work with a staff child advocate, you will have daily house chores and we will work with you on a plan for you going forward.

Q. I have a pet. May I bring it with me to Camden House?

A. No, BUT, we have a way of getting your pet boarded and cared for at no expense to you. Please be sure to mention this as you talk with us about coming to our Shelter, and we will work it out for you.

Q. How long will you work with me?

A. Our normal length of stay is four to six weeks. That can vary, however, depending upon your specific situation and your progress toward your goals we have mutually agreed upon.

Q. Will my situation be kept confidential?

A. Yes. Any inquiries you make, or information you share will be treated confidentially.

Q. Are men ever victims of domestic violence?

A. Yes, one in twelve victims of domestic violence is male. Domestic violence affects us all, and all of us women, children and men, must become part of the solution to this horrific crime.

Q. How can I contact you to start getting help?

A. Call (912) 882 7858 for immediate assistance 24/7/365! We will be there for you!


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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support victims of domestic violence as they become survivors and lead healthy, abuse free lives.

Our vision is to be the premier non-profit in Camden County using a trauma-informed care service model to meet the needs of domestic violence victims and support them as they overcome barriers.  We have the right people (staff and board) and financial resources in place to support our organization’s mission.


Since 1987, Camden House has served as the community voice for victims of domestic violence in Camden and Charlton counties. Your donations will support Camden House’s efforts to end domestic violence and provide a safe, secure environment for victims to heal and create a new life for themselves. With your help we will continue to serve our community and victims for many years to come.

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