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Since 1987, Camden House has served as the community voice for victims of domestic violence in Camden and Charlton counties. 

You can donate items we need (see below) or make a financial donation.

Your donations will support Camden House's efforts to end domestic violence and provide a safe, secure environment for victims to heal and create a new life for themselves.  With your help we will continue to serve our community and victims for many years to come.

Monetary Donations:  You can send checks to:  Camden House, P.O. Box 5159, St. Marys, GA 31558, or fill in the form below (Donations are managed via PayPal)

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Donate Items

Camden House often has needs for items to help sustain the shelter as well as the clients we serve. We greatly appreciate the community support and your willingness to give.  For security reasons, we ask that you please contact the shelter at 912-882-7858 to make arrangements to drop off donations.  Due to staff limitations, we are only accepting donations on Thursdays.

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