Emergency Shelter

To access shelter services, call our 24/7 Crisis Line at (912) 882-7858.

Our emergency shelter provides safe housing for survivors of domestic violence and their children. The shelter offers a safe and nurturing environment where survivors can find refuge and spend time healing as they move toward freedom from domestic violence.

While in our shelter, our trauma-informed staff members are dedicated to helping survivors with a wide range of needs, including counseling, medical care, assistance with practical concerns including finding a job or place to live, and referrals for help with food, clothing, and child care.

Who can stay at Camden House?

Adults victims of domestic violence who are victims of physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, economic, or threatened abuse by the person with whom they live or have lived in the past are candidates for shelter. It is not required that the victim be residing with the abuser at the time of the incident.

Clients of any age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality, and socioeconomic status are eligible to use shelter services, along with their children.

Camden House staff work with the local school district to coordinate educational services for each child staying in our shelter. All children and youth are invited to participate in our Children’s Program.

If our shelter is full, our Crisis Line advocates will assist you in finding a safe alternative place to stay until a bed is available at Camden House or other shelters.

What to Expect in Shelter

Our shelter has 18 beds configured in rooms with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 beds, to accommodate individuals and families. Our shelter has communal living, dining, bathroom and recreation areas along with separate areas for staff to meet privately with residents. Residents share cooking and cleaning responsibilities and are encouraged to attend groups at various times during the week. Children’s programming is also available for infants and toddlers through pre-teens and adolescents.

Camden House’s shelter staff provide Safety Planning, Counseling, information on our Court Advocacy Program, access to Support Groups, and assistance and planning for each survivor’s future post-shelter.

All services are at no cost to the individuals or families and are confidential.

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