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need help header - A Resource During Crisis provides a great resource for housing, financial assistance and support during a crisis! 

The guide provides information about:

  • Various housing options available during crises, including shelters and temporary accommodations.
  • Insights into financial assistance programs and support services designed to aid caregivers in need.
  • Practical tips and advice for navigating emergency situations, legal rights, and safety considerations are also addressed, ensuring caregivers have the necessary information and resources to handle housing emergencies effectively.

Overall, the guide is a valuable tool for caregivers and seniors facing housing challenges, offering support and guidance in times of need.  

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support victims of domestic violence as they become survivors and lead healthy, abuse free lives.

Our vision is to be the premier non-profit in Camden County using a trauma-informed care service model to meet the needs of domestic violence victims and support them as they overcome barriers.  We have the right people (staff and board) and financial resources in place to support our organization’s mission.


Since 1987, Camden House has served as the community voice for victims of domestic violence in Camden and Charlton counties. Your donations will support Camden House’s efforts to end domestic violence and provide a safe, secure environment for victims to heal and create a new life for themselves. With your help we will continue to serve our community and victims for many years to come.

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